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National Pet Fire Safety Day is July 15th!

In the case of a fire, NO ONE has time to start trying to remember what they need for their pets.

While these tips pertain to fires, they are relevant for any disaster, including tornadoes, floods, wildfires, and hurricanes. Our greatest hope is you will never need these tips, but if you do, a little planning ahead can make a big difference to you and your furry family member.

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Pets and the Novel Coronavirus

When the current outbreak of novel coronavirus disease, or COVID-19, first came to light in December 2019, researchers indicated that animals were the likely source of the virus. So people are naturally asking, "Can my pet contract and transmit this virus?" That question has become even more valid after one dog - the pet of an infected owner in Hong Kong - recently tested "weak positive" for the virus.

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Help Your Pet With “The Back to School Blues”

Help Your Pet Get Gold Star Behavior When You Head Back To School

Summer Vacation is starting to come to an end. Your house may be bustling with back-to-school energy, and your pets will notice. They may not know exactly what you are preparing for, but they feel the change coming. Not only are you learning a new schedule as you head back to class, but your pet will be as well. Here is some information to help you and your pet avoid the "Back to School Blues."

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